The breadth and depth of our experience enables us to deliver remarkable services across industries.

Whatever your business, we understand the importance of the relationship between customer satisfaction and your business performance. SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access has proven success in delivering virtual customer contact solutions across many industries. The insight gained from each client has helped us create virtual contact center solutions proven to lead to customer loyalty.

Secure and Compliant

As a PCI DSS Level 1 certified service provider since 2008, we have controls and procedures in place to protect sensitive customer data and minimize the risk of a security breach. Our technology solutions provide seamless integration through our remote desktop security across all channels using the latest brand and proprietary cloud technologies. We take protecting your customer’s sensitive information very seriously and all of our security processes meet or exceed industry standards. Using our proprietary cloud-based technologies, we ensure no data is ever kept or transferred to an employee’s desktop.

Additionally, SYKES’ software security solution, Secure Talk™, provides an added layer of security and privacy. Developed for organizations that collect sensitive data such as credit card verification codes, Social Security and patient ID numbers, or other unique identifiers over the phone, Secure Talk helps reduce fraud exposure and improves call efficiency with visual and audio masking. Learn more about Secure Talk.

Distributed Virtual Workforce

All of our contact center services are delivered through a domestic, onshore presence using a distributed virtual workforce. With our employee-based virtual model, SYKES Home provides high quality customer care solutions in the U.S. and Canada.

Studies have shown that businesses with customers who believe their calls are handled domestically, as opposed to offshore, tend to have higher customer satisfaction scores. The cultural affinity of domestic agents serving domestic customers is crucial to lowering average handle time (AHT) and increasing first call resolution (FCR) rates.

Agile Staffing

We offer flexible and scalable staffing capabilities to meet shifting call volumes. Sophisticated tools and years of experience allow us to maintain appropriate staffing levels through volume fluctuations.  SYKES Home utilizes a blended workforce of part-time and full-time customer service representatives, scheduled in 15-minute increments, to deliver flexibility and efficiency. Our ability to react in real-time allows your business and customer service levels to continue uninterrupted leading to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability. Business continuity and disaster recovery are built into the equation through our geographically diverse workforce.


Our agents are experienced with handling a variety of channels, including:

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