Contact Center Services for Healthcare OrganizationsThe U.S. Department of Health & Human Services estimates that by 2019, national health expenditures are expected to reach $4.6 trillion, accounting for 19.6% of GDP and equaling a per capita spend of over $13,600.

While there has been much debate about how to rein in spending, the bottom line is that the American population is aging, insurance enrollment is exploding, healthcare utilization is increasing, and the cost of delivering medical care is rising. Against this perfect storm, companies in the healthcare industry are challenged to serve more patients and members, improve the quality of care and reduce operational costs.

As the pioneer of the home-based contact center model, SYKES Home powered by Alpine Access offers the full spectrum of customer contact solutions for the healthcare industry. We understand the importance of keeping Protected Health Information (PHI) secure, which is why we utilize the latest security technologies to ensure we meet HIPAA and HITECH ACT requirements.

Secure and Compliant

Alpine Access is PCI DSS Level 1 CertifiedSYKES Home is PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA and HITECH ACT compliant. Our technology solutions provide seamless integration through our remote desktop security across all channels using the latest brand and proprietary cloud technologies. We take protecting your members’ sensitive information very seriously and all of our security processes meet or exceed industry standards. Using our proprietary cloud-based technologies, we ensure no data is ever kept or transferred to an employee’s desktop.

Alpine Access exceeds HIPAA Requirements

We have fully audited processes that meet and exceed the Administrative, Physical and Technical requirements for securing PHI. Additionally, our software security solution, Secure Talk™, provides an added layer of security and privacy. Developed for organizations that collect sensitive data such as credit card verification codes, Social Security numbers, patient ID numbers or other unique identifiers over the phone, Secure Talk helps reduce fraud exposure and improves call efficiency with visual and audio masking. Learn more about Secure Talk. Learn how Secure Talk works.

Dedicated Staffing

Our employees are dedicated to your account and can provide a full range of both member and provider services. We seek out applicants with healthcare experience, and then match them by skill set and client-specific requirements to drive performance. Our 100% onshore virtual workforce is more mature, highly educated, and experienced in healthcare services, plus our dedicated agents are fully trained on HIPAA’s Privacy Rule requirements. Their in-depth knowledge provides faster speed to competency and an intimate understanding of your customers’ needs leading to improved member and provider satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

Staffing flexibility and scalability is an absolute requirement of healthcare organizations. Insurers have to ramp-up aggressively for open enrollment periods, pharmaceutical and medical device companies face sizable call volume spikes for product launches/recalls, while hospitals, physicians and lab service companies struggle with staffing for after-hours calls. Virtual contact centers easily address these challenges. Home-based agents can ramp-up 75% faster and are scheduled in 15-minute intervals so that staffing levels can be adjusted in real-time to accurately match changing call volumes.

Call Types

Healthcare-related call types supported by SYKES Home include:

  • General and complex customer support and inquiries
  • Eligibility and open enrollment
  • Provider services
  • Web-based solutions (email, chat and Web link)
  • Claims inquiries
  • Secure and confidential data collection and management
  • Patient notifications
  • Pharmaceutical and product recalls
  • Call volume fluctuations during seasonal or cyclical time periods
  • Robust bilingual language services