Media & Entertainment

Contact Center Services for Media & Entertainment OrganizationsFrom television, music and video games to radio, newspapers and film, the media and entertainment industry is in the process of reinventing itself to satisfy consumer demand for personalized content.

As more companies give away content for free, the industry is looking for new ways to generate revenue, reduce costs, and attract or retain customers. SYKES Home powered by Alpine Access meets these needs with our high-quality, home-based customer service solution. Our clients include a major video game console manufacturer, a satellite and cable news channel, and news web sites – just to name a few.

High Quality

The SYKES Home virtual approach to recruiting, hiring, training and managing the most qualified at-home agents is the foundation for all our services. Our ability to recruit from a nationwide talent pool enables us to deliver a highly skilled and experienced workforce to match the specific needs and requirements of our clients. As a result of our selective hiring, our clients benefit from shorter hold times, higher customer satisfaction and reduced support costs.

Call Types

SYKES Home agents can support many different call types, including:

  • General and complex customer service
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Web site membership and account assistance
  • Web site access support
  • Robust bilingual language services