Member-based Organizations

Contact Center sevices for Member-based OrganizationsThe SYKES Home Alpine Access team pioneered the employee-based virtual contact center solution in 1998. Built on our singular passion, our goal is to bring work to people, instead of the other way around. And we are succeeding! Our 6,000 employees based throughout North America provide a total quality experience, helping our clients attract and retain members while increasing their financial bottom line.

Member Retention

In our experience, the primary goal of member-based organizations is to provide outstanding service to existing members and develop a strong referral network. Our high quality service focus is built to do just that – achieve long-term retention and strong loyalty.

Increase Revenue

Many member-based organizations are continually looking for ways to increase membership value while helping build the financial strength of the organization. Offering new products and services are key components to this strategy. In addition to handling all call types within the customer lifecycle, SYKES Home agents are skilled at providing up-selling and cross-selling services enabling our clients to offer new/additional membership enhancements that help increase revenue.

Call Types

We support many different call types, including:

  • General and complex member service
  • Retention programs
  • Donor, volunteer and program participant support
  • Enrollment (phone and Web)
  • Secure and confidential data collection and management
  • Call volume overflow during seasonal or cyclical time periods
  • Disaster relief services
  • Robust bilingual language services