Contact Center Services for Retail OrganizationsTechnology is transforming the way consumers shop. Studies report that nearly 1 in 3 Americans are shopping online and the increased adoption of Smartphones is predicted to raise this number even higher. Profit margins are decreasing as comparative shopping becomes easier, forcing retailers to operate faster and leaner. So, how are retailers to compete?

In the next few years retailers must focus on forming strong connections with their customers through meaningful, personal conversations. Knowing their target audience and delivering value through service will positively differentiate companies and solidify their consumer base.

The SYKES Home Alpine Access team has over 14 years of experience providing virtual contact services to some of the nation’s largest retailers. They depend on us to provide remarkable service to their most important customers spanning the entire customer experience lifecycle.

Product Affinity and Brand Integrity

Our home-based employee agents are dedicated to your account. We seek out applicants with retail experience, and who have purchased specific products online or shopped at one of your retail locations. As customers of your offered products, they have a deeper knowledge base, faster speed to competency, and an intimate understanding of your customers. We understand the true value of a lost customer, which is why our remarkable service focuses on building loyalty and retention.

The experience our agents bring to your brand translates into consumer confidence; confidence your brand will deliver what it promises. In each and every call you can hear the agents’ maturity, brand knowledge and dedication. As a result, our retail clients have experienced 10% to 20% increases in their average order value.

Call Types

We can support a wide variety of call types, including:

  • General and complex customer service
  • Order taking and processing
  • Inbound sales – cross-sell and up-sell
  • Account inquiries and management
  • Customer care
  • Catalog inquiries
  • Retention and loyalty programs
  • Lead generation
  • Robust bilingual language services