Contact Center Services for Telecommunications OrganizationsIn an environment of high market penetration and increased competition, telecommunications companies can no longer afford the monthly churn of 2% or more caused by low customer satisfaction and reduced loyalty.

Along with the pressure to attract and retain customers, telecom companies also must address decreasing profit margins and the challenges associated with supporting complex, constantly changing equipment. Delivering truly remarkable customer service has never been more important, which is why SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access offers virtual contact center services and solutions that specifically address the needs of this thriving, yet complicated, industry.

Customer Retention

In their rush to adopt the latest technology, consumers often face lengthy operating instructions and technical difficulties. Having a highly knowledgeable team of customer service and technical support representatives to handle these sometimes frustrating calls is critical to sustaining strong customer loyalty and creating a vast referral network. At SYKES, our quality focus is built to provide your consumers with the highest level of service in the industry leading to lower subscriber support costs and reduced customer churn.

Call Types

SYKES Home can support many different types of calls, including:

  • General and complex customer service
  • Billing inquiries and collections
  • Sales and order processing
  • Account activation inquiries
  • Technical support and help desk
  • Escalations and saves
  • Field services dispatch
  • Store locator
  • Number porting
  • Device upgrades, returns and exchanges
  • Warranty and rebate processing
  • Robust bilingual language services