Analyst Insights

SYKES’ consolidation with Alpine Access was driven by our objective to provide our clients with greater versatility and expertise. Today, as a unified company, SYKES is proud to present the analyst accolades previously earned by Alpine Access – who has caught the eye of many industry experts with its work at home agents and innovative cloud-based solutions.

Gartner, Inc.

TJ Singh et al.
Cool Vendors in Business Process Services, 2012
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"Alpine Access, the premier provider of virtual contact center solutions and services, has been included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the Cool Vendors in Business Process Services, 2012 report by Gartner, Inc. This recently published research report identifies Alpine Access as an example of an innovative, emerging player in the business process services market." Read more

IDC Research

Melissa Stevenson
Alpine Access: Vendor Profile Series for Home-Based Agent Services in Customer Care
"Over the past 13 years, Alpine Access has carved out a niche in customer care by building the company on its home-based agent business model with a strong focus on recruiting and training expertise."

Forrester Research

Kate Leggett
Decide Whether To Build Or Source Your Customer Service Operations
Alpine Access was named one of the Leading Customer Service Outsourcing Vendors in Forrester’s “Decide Whether To Build Or Source Your Customer Service Operations” report. Alpine Access is described as offering support services for complex interactions in a 100% virtual environment. In this report Forrester examined outsourcer’s ability to deliver services, outsourcing model, market presence, and area of expertise. Read More

Constellation Research

Elizabeth Herrel
What's Behind Contact Center Job Repatriation?
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"After many years of moving contact center operations off-shore, either directly or through outsourcers, several companies have changed direction and are repatriating agents to onshore locations." Read more

Ventana Research

Richard Snow
Alpine Access Supports Home Agents and Cloud Communications as Outsourcing Alternative
"In the past companies had two basic choices in how to provide call center services: internally or by outsourcing the service, typically to a company based where labor costs are low. Recently some companies have supplemented their in-company resources with home-based agents, and a growing number of providers offer outsourcing services in-country, for example, in North America." Read More


Thomas Whittle
CMS Vendor Profile: Alpine Access - WAHA Services
NelsonHall, a leading BPO analyst firm, has published an extensive profile about Alpine Access discussing our key offerings, delivery capabilities, strategy and outlook. The report also describes the stengths of our solution. Read More