Talent Acquisition Services

Matching, Selecting and Hiring Top Talent

During the past 14 years we’ve learned how to optimize the virtual recruiting process, and it starts with matching employees and clients. The SYKES Home Talent Acquisition platform brings together performance data and analytics to help ensure we hire the most qualified talent for each client. The benefits of our talent selection approach:

  • Accelerated recruitment, selection and ramp time
  • Reduced talent attrition and hiring costs
  • Increased hiring efficiency
  • Consistently higher performance across business units

Our Science of Selection Results in Higher Quality Talent

SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access draws hundreds of thousands of job seekers every year. We find our candidates from job postings, career fairs, media stories and networking opportunities, as well as from employee and applicant referrals. Most notably, however, organic Web searches and social media drive the largest number of applicants – over 70% – to our recruiting portal. As a result, our applicant flow greatly exceeds our hiring needs, allowing us to use exacting screening measures and algorithmic matching to hire only the top 2% of applicants.

  • Qualify
    Based on criteria provided in the application – such as location, skill set, and work history – the system determines if an applicant is qualified. Individuals who do not meet the qualification criteria are notified of their status and encouraged to re-apply when their situation changes.
  • Assess
    Qualified applicants are further assessed based on their education, skills, language aptitude, personality, etc. Highly suitable applicants progress to the next stage.
  • Match
    Candidates are then matched to a program via statistical quality tiers. The quality tiers result in a stack-ranked queue of qualified candidates that in turn can be processed in a top-down manner. This patent-pending approach ensures that we only select the very best candidates.
  • Select
    Before an applicant is selected for a client and officially hired, he or she must pass a rigorous screening process that includes background, criminal and credit checks, drug testing and employment verifications as required by the specific client.

We map applicants to their interests- Click to Enlarge