Agile and Scalable

We understand the importance of having a partner who can respond in real-time to the constantly changing needs of your marketplace and business.

Agile Staffing

SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access offers flexible and scalable staffing capabilities to meet shifting call volumes. Sophisticated tools and years of experience allow us to maintain appropriate staffing levels in any situation such as increases in volume due to seasonality, new product or service offerings, special offer campaigns, etc. We utilize a blended workforce of part-time and full-time customer service representatives, scheduled in 15-minute increments, to deliver flexibility and efficiency. Our ability to react in real-time allows your business and customer service levels to continue uninterrupted leading to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

Efficient Workforce Management

SYKES Home’s proprietary workforce management (WFM) platform automatically sets schedules that align the skills, proficiencies and preferences of each agent with a client’s forecasted staffing needs. Should the actual call volume differ from the forecast at any time, the WFM platform instantly notifies a staffing manager who has the ability to increase or decrease the number of agents on the phones within minutes. Whether it is to accommodate seasonal, weekly, even intraday changes in call volume, we help clients save money by providing appropriate staffing at all times – without sacrificing quality.

Speed to Competency

From day one employees are immersed into the online world with hands-on training, facilitator-lead interactions, peer-to-peer communication, and problem solving using real-life scenarios, thus enabling them to become familiar with the tools and resources during training that they will use on the job. The hands-on training gives students the confidence and proficiency necessary to handle live calls on their own (once training is complete). To understand the resulting bottom-line cost savings consider an average training program of 1000 employees a year. As an example, SYKES Home can train each person in 100 hours rather than the typical 125 hours with significantly higher retention rates. The total savings clients have experienced from higher retention and shorter training time has averaged $1 million per year.

Maximum Scalability

Our ability to recruit without boundaries across North America enables us to, within tight time constraints, recruit, hire, train and launch any program in only 60 to 90 days. The 100% virtual nature of our contact center model is ideally suited for clients who have growing staffing needs. Our highly-skilled workforce in over 1,800 North American cities, makes it possible to easily and efficiently scale up within a short timeframe. This can save clients millions of dollars by avoiding the consequences of inadequate staffing such as long hold times, high abandon rates, lower first call resolutions and even negative brand perception.