Reliable and Secure

We earn the loyalty and trust of our clients by consistently meeting or exceeding expectations for business reliability and security.

As a leader in developing a highly secure and compliant environment across a large and distributed workforce, the SYKES Home Alpine Access team gives our clients confidence in knowing their sensitive customer information is being protected by industry-leading processes and technologies.

Secure Solutions

Our patent-pending Secure Remote Desktop (SRD) transforms an employee-owned PC from an unmanaged environment to a secure, controlled endpoint. The SRD prevents data from being transferred to or stored on an employee’s desktop PC. Employee PCs are also locked down in the following ways to create a secure environment:

  • Secure SSL VPN tunnels are required
  • Only the use of authorized applications is allowed in the SRD environment
  • An agent’s SRD environment is automatically disabled if unauthorized changes occur
  • Copy, paste and save functionality is disabled for the employee’s PC to or from the SRD environment
  • Automatically activated password protected screen savers are used
  • Controls access to all external devices
  • Internet access is limited only to authorized websites.

Additionally, our software security solution, Secure Talk™, provides an added layer of security and privacy. Developed for organizations that collect sensitive data such as credit card verification codes, Social Security numbers or other unique identifiers over the phone, Secure Talk helps reduce fraud exposure and improves call efficiency with visual and audio masking.

Reliable Connectivity

Just as our workforce is distributed, so too is our IT infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art Tier 1 data centers provide a highly available solution with uninterruptible power supplies, backup generators and multiple electrical feeds from local power grids. Connectivity to these centers is also covered through relationships with multiple, reputable providers. Should connectivity be impacted in one area, we can quickly re-route connectivity to another network giving clients peace of mind in our uptime and availability. To learn more, see business continuity and disaster recovery.

Carefully Screened Workforce

Security begins with the people we hire; they are the foundation of our secure environment. We hire only the most qualified, mature and experienced onshore professionals to service your customers. Unlike offshore customer care solutions, your customers are protected by U.S. consumer protection and identity theft laws. All of our employees also undergo a background, employment verification and credit check (and drug test when applicable) before being hired. After all, without good people, even the most rigorous security measures can fail.