SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access benefits businesses and the environment by eliminating work commutes, the building of new facilities and associated costs like lighting, heating and cooling, office equipment and more.

A Greener Solution for Everyone

The environmental impact of the virtual contact center model is exponential and we are proud to play a part in reducing our carbon footprint, improving the lives of the people we touch.  Our sophisticated technology infrastructure allows a majority of our 6,000 employees to work from home, thereby eradicating thousands of commutes every day.

Think about it … the average round-trip commute distance for a typical call center agent is approximately 23.6 miles. While the average number of round trip commutes per agent per year, assuming 50 work weeks, is 250. This means SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access is eliminating the impact of over 9,000 one-way commutes every day and 53,100,000 vehicle miles traveled (VMT) a year, which is equivalent to traveling to the moon and back approximately 230 times! The chart below highlights some of the additional cost-saving benefits of working from home.

Telecommuter Saving Averages - Click to Enlarge

Carbon Reduction

If the nation’s 50 million potential telecommuters worked from home on a half-time basis, businesses would save over $13,000 per person, $170 billion in real estate and related costs and $28 billion in absenteeism. The chart below includes the annual environmental savings associated with 50 million individuals telecommuting 2+ days per week (Telework Research Network: The State of Telework in the U.S., 2011):

Annual Environmental Savings - Click to Enlarge


Environmentally Responsible Revenue Generation

Today’s companies can be eco-friendly and socially responsible while actually increasing revenue and reducing costs. With SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access, it is possible to satisfy shareholders and deliver remarkable customer service, all while playing an important role in reducing the impact businesses have on the environment.